Missed opportunity?

So there was this girl and we went to the same university. We met through basketball she was on the women's Team for the school and I was one of the guys that helped them practice well long story short I caught feelings for her but due to my hectic schedule and crazy amount of stress I never really got the chance to tell her how I felt. Since then I have transfered to a community college closer to home in order to save money and be able to really figure out what I want to do in life and lately I've been thinking of just messaging her and just telling her how I felt and still feel but I fear that its too late and that I've been gone too long to just pop up out of nowhere and confess my feelings. I really just want other peoples opinions on the matter because I just don't know if its a bad idea.


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  • You should have approached her in the past. Now it's probably a lost cause


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