Girls can you answer this for me?

So basically long story short. Met a girl flirted with he things got very heated ( told me her undergarments don't hide much) an then for some f-ing reason she thought she was a rebound an that burnt that bridge really quick. But now after working at it well not really working on it we have just been chatting 24/7 it's getting back to the same point where the bridge is probably going to get burnt again. But right now it might be me that burns it since she's now seems not to be interested anymore but still flirts. She doesn't ask follow up questions or seems like she's not putting effort into keeping a conversation. Only over text in person it's the opposite she called me by my nickname but it wasn't like a typical way to get my attention it was more "I'm here". Need girls to answer this s##t cause I'm confused as hell


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  • Well she's definitely iffy about you so do something to get on her good side

    • Any ideas?

    • Talk to her about what she wants to talk about and give her straight and honest answers

  • Seems to be just dragging you along and using you

    • See that's what I'm starting to feel

    • I would just stop it before you get hurt or dragged more

    • That's what I'm thinking of doing. Just put the nail in the coffin before things get too bad

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