Dating an older man?

So just recently I met this guy who is 6 years older (30) and I am only 24. We met eachother on a dating app, exchanged numbers and hit off well. We've been on 2 dates in a month now and I definitely had a good time. But because of the age difference, I am at the stage in my life where I just started my career and I am exploring things while he is already on a serious path and is well established, he owns his business. Until we went on the second date and maybe even a week after that he would initiate conversations with me, call me to know how my day went, if I have eaten. We had an intense make out after our second date and it was almost 1 am by the time we decided to get home and he came all the way to my place to drop me home which no one had ever done for me! During our dates we have even had conversations about how he isn't looking for marriage or a very serious relationship at this point of his life because of his career. Now it's been 3 weeks and he doesn't call/text much since he just started working on a project. He always replies to my messages but it's not like the first 2-3 weeks where he would initiate them. When recently I told him about how we have not spoken to eachother for a long time, he said he's been stressed and busy due to work and that he'll call me soon! My friends have asked me give up on him and have even started setting me up on blind dates, but I am not sure what to do and how to go about this. Please help?


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  • First off the age difference isn't that big AT ALL. 6 years? Seriously? I've dated girls 10 years younger than me and we had a great time (while it lasted).

    Second off it sounds like you really like him. Maybe you said something that made him feel insecure about your opinion of him (age difference) but at the same time you are all preoccupied still.

    He is probably backing off to be more mysterious. Smart guys do that to avoid being overly nice/available. We know the later will ultimately turn girls off.

    Ask if he would like to hang out with you again. See how he responds.

    • I had this concern only before I went on the first date with me. I never addressed it with him since I wanted to give it a chance. I have always dated someone my age. But after things went off really well on the first date the age difference was never a concern. Both of us never spoke about it.

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    • well if you are cool with just doing the fling I highly doubt he will object. Just have fun, but communicate what you want.

      One thing about being older gentlemen is I will straight up tell girls if I just want to be friends, fool around or hang out more. There have been a few times I could have gotten laid if I decided to be a liar, but I rather have a clear conscience. Plus the honestly can surprisingly turn on a lot of women, but young and close to my age.

    • Hmm, let me see. If he messages me within a week or 2 maybe I'll give it some thought or else I can always look for someone else.

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  • Go for it girl, it's not thst much older and is very normal Now to have an age gap..

    However if his being a dick and not replying then ignore it at see how it goes maybe go on othrr dates


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  • If you are looking forward to just having fun then go ahead and date him.
    And of course he was giving attention, because he got a girl who is 6 years younger, why wouldn't he?

  • 6 years is nothing, I date girls in their mid to late 20's,
    Your problem isn't the age it's the attention he's giving you,
    Men his age expect sex so he's probably moved on, you should too

  • 6 years is nothing. 10 years isn't even that much


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