How to perfect Valentines Day?

I have a plan. A girl I like, likes me too. We're in the middle of friends and talking, its confusing at times. With the help of my best friend, she helped me develop a plan to get closer to a relationship and to actually know my place with her.

Soooooo... We spilled our feelings for each other a week after Thanksgiving, aka a month ago. It was confusing and weird cause she's like Narnia deep in the closet and I'm a beautiful rainbow in the sky. The plan is to keep progressing with her and in around a month on Valentines Day, I'll bring her a box of chocolates and maybe a little stuffed animal.

Anything i should do more? Or a different way? I actually want this girl and i'm overwriting my reputation as the basic player. hELp?


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  • You are already doing way too much! Relax, it's going to be wonderful, she will be grateful


What Guys Said 1

  • oh man ur 18-24 i thought u were under 18 with that suggestion say u wanna hangout take her to the movies or dinner or both as watever u currently r I don't know where u live but take her for a walk along like a jetty or river side or beach something like that and sit down and talk a little wen u find a good spot then wen it gets to leaving time she will probably say something like i should get going now and kiss her but this whole time just subtly flirt with her amd compliment her also still use the teddy and chocolate


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