1. When a girl says size doesn't matter, are they telling the truth? 2. How do you tell a girl that you aren't very large?

Ok I admit I am not very large. I would consider myself to between average and small sized. I have trouble in relationships when it comes down to the sexual aspect of it because I'm to worried about what the girl with think and do.


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  • Don't worry about size, really I do believe that most girls don't mind much. If you feel insecure about it, just tell her simply, if she loves you there is not reason for her to be bothered by that or anything, she will probably make you comfortable and make you appreciate this part of you more. Maybe she is worrying too about some things like her boobs size, talking about insecurities is never bad and it can help your relationship to be stronger and help you to feel better with yourself.

    • What if this totally backfires? Like what if you tell her and then she tells her friends and then it spreads and then before you know it everybody is looking at you like you less than a man.

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    • Thank you for your opinion and input. You have made me feel a lot better about myself and the way I am.

    • You're welcome, I am glad to read that :)

  • It isn't about the tool it's how you use it. Figure out the best way to work with what you have instead of worrying about the size. If you make her cum she will be happy and it won't matter how big you are

    • Can you make a girl cum with such a small "tool"?

    • If you can't than you need to get creative and find other ways to please her. It will really depend on the girl as well

    • Any suggestions?

  • it depends on the girl I think. Every girl has different preferences


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