Why do women get upset when a older guy is dating a girl half his age?


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  • You prey on naive little girls who dont have their life figured out just for a quick side bang and for attention. Clearly men like you have certain intentions. If you actually wanted someone comptible who shares goals, life views and interests you wouldn't be looking at women who just came from high school. It is quite disgusting actually. Good thing many women find wonderful loving men in their 30's who dont feel threatened by women with careers and goals. Must be sad to be so miserable and threatened by women who have their lives together and dont need you for everything.

    • And before you or any man on here wants to insult me, I am 23.

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    • @XRabbitHeartX You just gave me an epiphany! See, I would never be dumb enough to think anything stupid enough to openly proclaim it suffered from Y-chromosome deficiency was any kind of smart, or had a valid opinion about anything, for that matter.

      But NOW I understand what all this transgender acceptance shit is about! Of COURSE cunts would want to be able to be accepted as men if they claimed to be... so... there must be some cunts smart enough to realize they don't matter... so maybe... maybe there are actually a few "people" who suffer from Y-chromosome deficiency who have actually managed to evolve to at least that pitiful level.

      Man... you keep it going you... you're giving me the bran candy. I like this cunt.

      Maybe it's the high talking, but at the moment, I'm fascinateder than a motherfucker.

    • You just gave me an epiphany too. I just realized you are a sad online troll who probably has severe mental disorders and problems in your life. So sad angry and bitter that you need to come on the internet and talk a bunch of nonsense and throw insults around like you are some big shot when in reality you are actually just laughable at the most. You are a waste of time. Goodbye

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  • They know on some level that they can't compete, but they're ACTUALLY to stupid to consciously understand why. For all their talk about how they're interesting, strong, independent, have a great degree/career/wtfever, they still can't see that they're projecting what it is about men that they want, and that men don't give a fuck about the same things about women as women want from them.

    When I could still be bothered to date, I used to love going out with an 18-19 year old girl, for more than the obvious reason that they're better than their older counterparts. The glares from women were so delicious I'm convinced they were fattening. I'd point it out to whatever girl I was with, explain why apparently every woman around hated her, and we'd have a date full of laughs at their expense.

    Best part is I look older than I am, I get mistaken for 40 a lot. The hate from women who've been left on the shelf after 30 for a man who appears to be that age and has given his interest to a woman half his age is positively palpable.


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  • Well for me, probably because the strike zone is people around my age. I get older men hitting on my all the time, and although I don't like any men hitting on me, it almost seems like betrayal. Because it wasn't that long ago when I was too young to be sexualized and felt that further in age adult men were in a far away category that would never breach mine. Add that to having an ex stepdad who hit on me when I was 15 or sixteen and it just makes me feel uncomfortable in general. When this happens, I can no longer see most older men as trustworthy, but more like vultures scoping out weak prey. I don't know, it's weird even to me.

  • It has a horrible tendency to be exploitative.


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  • because they're hypocritical. they have no problem with older women dating younger guys. but when older guys date younger women, they shit a brick


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