Have you ever wet a partner's bed?

I'm really keen on the idea of sleeping with my new boyfriend. But I'm petrified of wetting the bed as this still happens to me sometimes. Anyone else got any tips on how to tell him? And anyone actually done it and what reaction did you get?


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  • Wow, I feel for you there as adult bed wetting must give you a terrible amount of anxiety. Rather than telling a new boyfriend, I would probably work on other solutions. Eventually you can tell him, but early on I wouldn't want you to scare off a potentially good relationship. About other solutions, I'm not well-versed on such things but maybe set alarms to remind you to use the bathroom in the middle of the night? You probably know much, much more about this than I do, but I would avoid telling him so soon.

  • I have let my partner wet my bed Lol


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