Just kissed a girl and I’m shit at it?

Hey guys and girls and tips for kissing so I don’t seem like a idiot. Thankyou


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What Girls Said 1

  • Well if you've never done it before, of course you're going to be bad haha. Don't be embarrassed. I can give you some general tips but I don't know how terrible you are, so don't be offended if these seem obvious lol.

    Don't make it too wet, no one wants to be covered in your saliva. On the other hand, make sure your lips aren't chapped and awful lol. Make sure your breath smells good too, as a side note.

    Stay away from tounge until it's clear that the girl wants that, and when she does don't get too crazy with it. Definitely just playfully wrestle with them rather than shove your tounge down her throat.

    Depending on the mood, you'll want to start off gentle and then progressively get more intense.

    Don't just sit there motionless, that's weird. Run your hands down her back or through her hair. If things are getting really heated and you're sure she'd be okay with it, massage her chest, or grab her ass.

    • Wow thanks for the essay. That stuff is actually good lol

    • I hope that's not sarcasm, haha 😅

    • Nah sorry if it did sound like it

What Guys Said 2

  • Dont use your teeth, keep your tongue in your mouth, dont prolong one kiss (make it like 3-4 little kisses), close your eyes (dont stare, its weird)

    • Also have your hands involved, you get bonus points

  • Just a light gentle pop kiss with the tip of your lis will drive a girl insane.


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