Helpp im so confused?

So this guy talks to me in person but only sometimes on text and I made out with him on the third time I saw him and im not sure if his a f boy or not


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  • How are we supposed to know if some complete random is a fuckboy? Gonna need more details than that.

    • True weelll he never talks to me on text only sometimes and in person he talks soo much and im so confused like he will send me love hearts but in person his flirty and then every time in person I feel like I like him and I get that vibe from him as well but I don't know if it's just cos he wants sex and like I told him like im not like that like I want something more and he said yea I know in not like that but he doesn't really talk to me I don't know

  • It’s hard to tell by the details you’ve given
    Really nee more info.


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