Should I not message him?

So we haven't talked in one week, last time he contacted me was one week ago, and the time before that it was him taking the step too. But after the last time we haven't talked, I did send him a casual snap and I liked a photo he uploaded on Insta. But he have not send me anything. I should not send anything right?

He have told me that he is attracted to mee in many ways, and that he look forward to a second date.


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  • I think he would like you too to text him first. He probably wants you to show you care about him and you like to talk to him

    • I am scared of that he will reply with a cold text..

    • Well I think it would be worse if you wait. If he replies with a cold text, I think it's better now rather than giving you hope for nothing, don't you think?

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