Should I end friendship with this guy I love ( but he doesn't want a relationship) or should I continue to be friends?

We became friends 11 months back. During these 11 months, we have tried dating ( but it didn't work out) and have kissed thrice. i am in love with him while he is not. It causes me a heartache whenever i see him. He is still in love with his ex girlfriend.
now the problem is, he considers me a good friend and never allows me space for myself- constant texting, frequent hanging out.(when i tell him i won't be texting him from now because i want texting detox, he starts throwing tantrums and sends me a million texts saying dont go dont go)

He is clear that he does not want to date me but i can not let go of romantic feelings towards him. Everytime i have to meet him, it takes a toll on me. we are classmates and travel together.

advise please.


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  • Dump him you’re just wasting time

    • i am not in a relationship with him. we are friends now

    • That’s going nowhere. It’s the only way to move on. You keep sticking around like a lost puppy you’re going to be miserable because you can’t have him the way you want him. I just made this same decision for myself yesterday for the same reason

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  • If he really cares about you he will let you go besides it's just for a few months until you move on. He's just being selfish because you're really hurt and he just cares about the fact that you're his friend and he wants you around and doesn't care about the fact that it really hurts you knowing that you can't date and all the drama with his ex and the effect it has in you. You should also consider that true friends don't leave so if he is really your friend he will wait and understand that you're trying not to get hurt, it's not like you just ignored him and left! I know it's hard to hear this but for your own sake you have got to distance yourself from him until you feel ready to start talking again, I'm not saying you should never talk just try to talk to him the minimum you can. Before stepping aside you should tell him all of this in order for him not to do the same he always does, texting you 24/7. He probably just likes the attention you give him considering his ex doesn't otherwise he would be with her. Tough love and I know it hurts but the longer this goes the worse it gets and you get even more in love! Hope you the best sweetie


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  • Never lose a friend. If he is your friend then be his friend. You will never suffer because you have too many friends.

    • but it hurts to see him flirting with other women.
      why be friends when i know i won't be able to be a good one since i have feelings for him?

    • Life is much longer than you preceive and people change as well as relationships. Let go of any romantic feelings and focus on your level of confidence as a person and a woman. Guys are far more attracted to confident women than insecure ones. Well most guys are.

    • Yes you’re right! Thankyou.
      Everytime he is around, i turn into a nervous wreck, although naturally i am a very confident and independent girl.
      I’ll work on this

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