How would you like to get a date?

imagine this scene :
" you as a girl were in a coffe shop , a guy comes and approaches you , he seemed cool and you had an interesting conversation , you think you might like him. at the end he proposed to meet up with you later on"

in which scenario you are more likely to meet him for a date?
scenario 1 :
"He asks you for your number , and texts you later and trys to set up the date. He is clearly persuing you and trying to get you on the date"

scenario 2:
"He offers his number , invites you to join him later and text him. He is more laid back and giving you more space to make up you're mind".


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  • I'll admit, I'd be more expecting of scenario 1, but I'd actually appreciate scenario 2 more. I mean, if the guy is someone in whom I'm interested, then I'd be fine with scenario 1, but scenario 2 would be preferable for two reasons:
    First, it'd let me plan and set the date on MY terms, which is something that, as a girl, I'm less likely to get the opportunity to do. Especially on a first date, of which guys almost always expect and are expected to be the planners. It'd be kind of unique, and I'd like that.
    Second, it would communicate to me that he's entrusting me to make a decision--whether I should contact him, and to set up a first date. In the very least, it'd increase the likelihood that he values and respects my choices.

    But, mostly, I'd appreciate it because it'd be a different approach. Different is interesting to me.


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  • Probably scenario 1, I like when the guy makes plans and takes control, and I'd think it was cute how eager he was.

    • a lot of guys are eager and want you , maybe contacting you in real life/facebook/tinder. but how many of those you would really meet?

    • Depends on how many of them I'm genuinely interested in, and whether or not I like one of them so much afterwards that I'd want to be exclusive.

  • Definitely one. Mind games waste time

    • no mind games , he is very clear on his intentions , but is not chasing all that hard , a guy chasing might be a big turn off , dont you think?

    • If he is not pursuing me but went to all of that length to talk to me before, it's a mind game and I don't want to sit around waiting for him. If he wants that date he needs to seal the deal

  • Scenario #1 all the way, I hate that lately people try to hide their real intentions and play a lot of mind games regarding dating

    • thanks , but here there is no mind games he is clearly interested , but dont want to be pushy as every other thirsty dude.

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