What's Wrong With Being a Hypocrite When Choosing a Partner?

This is a free country. People seem to be of the notion that people cannot desire more from a potential partner than they themselves bring to the table. Sure, it shrinks your dating pool. But, the divorce rate is crazy high and its mostly from people who settled. Knew several fat women who refused to date fat men. One got SLAMMED on GaG. What's the issue? I'm certain she can find a slim guy who finds her attractive. I know scores of promiscuous men who refuse to settle down with a promiscuous woman. Myself included. I know I can stay faithful to a "good girl" if and when I decide to get married. I can't with a promiscuous one because I can't take her seriously. Am I a hypocrite? Of course I am. Its my right to be one. No law against it. I just place a very high value on a woman who hasn't slept around. If I meet the girl of my dreams and she holds my past against me guess what? Its her right. In the same vein, whats wrong with an inexperienced woman wanting an experienced man? I hear many male virgins here on GaG cry foul when some inexperienced women only want an experienced man to be with. Free country. What's wrong with a broke ass hottie wanting to marry a man with money? Provided she doesn't plan on marrying him, then divorcing him in a year and taking half of his assets I see no problem with it. Props to her for being able to parlay her looks into a comfortable life for herself and her children. Most divorces are because of cheating and money. What's wrong with eliminating one of those things from the get-go? What's wrong with a former addict demanding a partner who doesn't drink and has no history of addiction to or using hard drugs? Oftentimes one relapse turns into two. Or a heavy smoker only dating non smokers with the hopes of one day kicking the habit?


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  • What's wrong with people having opinions about hypocrites? That is their right.


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  • People have every right to be hypocrites, and other people have every right to express their opinion. Not sure what your issue here is?


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