Is it normal to mostly attract men who just want sex?

I don't think I come off promisuous in any way and I'm not putting out sexual vibes. I've had people tell me I'm kind of innocent.

But I keep attracting men who just want sex. They're super nice and interested in me in the beginning but after I tell them I'm looking for someone who wants more than just sex they back off.

There is a guy who I think is everything I'm looking for; he's handsome, helpful, kind to everyone, funny, he's going for a job he wants and doesn't just think about money, he cares about himself and his appearance. He has goals and plans for the future. He's not obnoxius. I had a serious crush on him! But then I found out he doesn't date black girls (he's Guatemalan) so I don't have a chance there. But he's the type of guy I want!

Yet I have a guy in my heels now that wants to have sex with every female he finds, he's arrogant and is a lazy worker. And he tells me my expectations are too much for my age and that I need to lower them if I want to find someone.

I want to stop attracting men like that and more like the guy I'm totally in love with.
Is it normal to mostly attract men who just want sex?
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