Why in the world would he call if not serious?

A guy that I dated for like a couple of weeks last year all of a sudden calls me tonight about 30 minutes ago. This is not the first time he came back. he did this 4 or 5 months ago texting them we fell off quickly. Well, he called saying he was wanting to speak and misses me and even ask if I was doing anything tonight and I told him know and I mention a movie and he told me OK he is about to go get some things at the store and to call him with the show times. I looked them up and got a movie at 1020 tonight and I texted him that at 955pm and even called once and he did not respond and its 1030 and he still has not returned my call. Do you think he changed his mind or was never serious? I'm confused.


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  • How about you ask him yourself?

    It's possible his phone died or something. I don't think he would have went to the trouble of calling you to make plans and then blow them off.

    • Well he sis because its the next day and now night time and I have not heard from him and no I'm not gonna call to ask why. Its not that crucial. Its just confussing on why he even came back if he wasn't that serious to start with. its rude and a waste of my time. if he comes back again, months from now, imma let him know right then and there to never call me again.

    • How many days later has his phone been dead? I don't agree with cheshire cat

    • I contacted him Monday from my job by callin his job number so he did not know it was me and he said he phone got broke and blah blah blah so I told him that I didn't believe him and to never call me again because he could have called from another phone and he hung up in my face as I was tryin to finish saying that and I was talkin calm . Can you believe that? Like this all makes no sense to me. Why bother if you aren't sure? What an idiot

  • Maybe he was lonely and thought he'd call you, knowing youd pick up. Its possible that when a better plan for the night came up he figured you weren't a priority and just 'forgot' to call and cancel (not communicating with you is a good way to not have to explain himself). Don't sit around and wait for him to text back...

    • Oh I'm not trust me. Its just funny how quick he came then left and no I'm not gonna call because I don't really care too much but just a little confussed cause I was willin to try again with him and we even agreed to that on the phone but yea I'm thinkin something else better came along and just didn't care to let me know. This will be the second time he came back after so long and not really showin me he really wants me back. If he comes back again, he will have to come back harder but by then itll b 2 lat

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