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We been dating for about two years now. We been struggling how to be happy with each other and how to be satisfied. We try everything. But it seem like I'm the a$$hole. I admit it. I never want her to go out, go online, or do anything. Whys that's? Also not to long ago she had a my pace behind my back for a month. And her mom dislike me. It so hard for us to understand each other and make tings work. I don't know what to do. So confuse. If so, how should I move on and how do I move on, without thinking of her or about any of this. Thanks alt. I've been really :(. Thanks.


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  • OMG! This is totally my husband and I 9 years ago!

    In all honesty it sounds like you are two different people. Maybe you are both really awesome people, you just aren't quite that awesome as a team.

    If you want to work through it.

    Also, if you really did want this relationship to work, there has to be compromise. She has to be willing to understand you aren't a person who likes to be out and about. Stay at the house and hang out, watch a movie you both like or cook dinner together. You, too have to be willing to bite the bullet and take your woman out. If you stayed home to watch a movie and do dinner you both have compromise. She stays home like you want and if your like my husband you get to suck it up and spend quality time with her in the kitchen. We did this once and I was so turned on by his romantic side I gave him the ride of his life and even the chance to do naughty stuff I turned down in the past.

    If you are going to move on it's gonna be like a hangover. You'll need time. There is no quick fix, and no miracle cure. Just stuff that makes you more comfortable.


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  • You have to think about how important she is to you. Basically I give this advice it seems like a lot because a lot of people are going through the same problems as you. Think about her faults and you're own faults and make a decision on if you'd rather deal with those faults or not have her in you're life anymore. You two have been dating for 2 years so that's a lot of history with one person. Everyone has there faults some better than others and some worse. So you have to figure out if hers are the ones worth dealing with or not. Good luck!


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  • ok, I am going to say something that is a little harsh. but true.

    judging by what you read you sound very insecure. are you under some sort of assumption that if she gets some breathing room or some friends that you are suddenly going to take second place in her life?

    a lot of people are like "I do these things becouse I love her so so much" but in reality they are insecure and lack confidence not only in their lover but in their ability to maintain that relationship.

    some guys I see like that get into a mode where they are like that becouse they feel they can't find anyone better which makes them super nervous about loosing what they have.

    let her have her freedom. she could leave-but then again she could leave you regardless of weather or not you maintain your controlling stance or not.

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