Can a 24 year old be serious about a 35 year old woman?

He's 24, I'm 35. We've been seeing each other here and there for 6 weeks. At first it was all physical. Then, last thursday he said he'd like to start dating me. He said age meant nothing to him, I make him happy and although he gets a lot of girls numbers, he doesn't "reach out" to other girls. But since then I've called him once over the weekend to see if he'd like to meet up and he said he worked all day and was tired. He isn't texting me as much. He called Monday to chat but when I asked if he'd like to get together he said he had dinner plans with friends who just got back from their honeymoon. Before our "talk" to start dating we texted each other every third day or so and talked on the phone and met up once per week. Is this guy serious about me or is he "just not that into me?" Am I coming on too strong?


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  • I don't know. I think it would be cool to "get with" an older woman, but for myself it wouldn't seem very realistic for a relationship. Maybe he likes how it's going and doesn't want to get too far into the relationship? You really just need to talk to him about it to get all the answers.


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  • Age is not a big deal. Yes it can work out for you. I was dating a 21 yo not too long ago that was going very well until her father (my boss) found out.


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