Am I freaking out for no reason?

Alright, I met this guy a few weeks ago, and we have been going on dates ever since. We've been on five dates. He's already kissed me once, but it was just a little peck.

I thought things were going really well until today. Over the weekend, I went to his place and we made dinner together. We went to the mall for a while, then we went back to his place. We went swimming and then watched a movie. We just cuddled while the movie was playing.

After that I was tired, so I went home. He walked me out to my car. He didn't try anything, and I didn't want to wait and be awkward about it, so I hugged him. Now, here's the thing. He kissed me on the cheek. I'm not sure, but I think he may have been going in for a kiss and then I turned my head at the wrong time. I was too tired to think much about it. He said to call him so I promised I would.

Well, yesterday I finally remembered I left my swimsuit hanging in his shower. I called him and left a message about it, but he didn't call me back. So, today I sent him a text almost an hour and half ago, but still no response. He might be at work, though.

I'm starting to get worried and a little angry. First off, I like him and I don't want him to think I don't. But, if he's ignoring me on purpose, I am not amused. If he's not interested in me anymore, that's fine, but I want my bikini back.

I hope I'm freaking out for no reason, but what should I do?

What if I called him later tonight to ask if he wanted to go to the movies? I really don't want to sound too clingy or needy, but I want him to know I care about more than getting my swimsuit back.
I didn't want to call, so I waited. He called! We talked. His feelings were hurt but I told him I didn't mean to turn away; I didn't even know he was really trying to kiss me. We laughed about it and now we're going to the movies later this week


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  • "I hope I'm freaking out for no reason, but what should I do?"

    Be patient, he could be up to his ears in work. Also, if you really do like him why didn't you kiss him back, and why is your misplaced swimsuit the only reason you are calling him?

    • To be honest, I was calling to also invite him to go see the new Resident Evil movie. I didn't kiss him because I'm also fairly inexperienced with guys and I got really nervous during the time when nothing happened. I just don't know. He's never taken this long to get back to me, so of course the first thing that happens is I worry, and then I get mad because he seems to be ignoring me. I know he might not be, but I'm not very optimistic.

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