The tao of day?

the tao of davy...:P

i know one thing...every man was born to walk a path and if he does that one thing he will

(with good grace and communications) draw women in to him.

he picks up pick up skills along the way

that's the way it was meant to be

however if he either sacrifices that path and goes to chase a girl

or if he cheats by downloading pick up arts and then goes off his path to go chase a girl

..ultimately he betrays his manhood and loses both the girl and himself

and its a long walk back afterward

learning pick up will only delude him longer

and will never fill the gap inside

be the man and learn along the way

its always good to learn

but its not just about learning the words to say

but earning the power to say them

i truly believe that

agree or disagree?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • i completely agree with you, but I think that it extends further than just men. I think that essentially when you speak about this its for all humanity. The reason I say that is because they always say you always find love when you least expect it, meaning you always find it when you are doing your own thing. From my experience I've come to believe that is true.

    So, I can see where for men this is more of a innate thing and it goes back to way before equality and all that. But lets be honest, it also has to do with woman. Men always say that they want a confident woman well a confident woman is usually doing her thing, something she shines at.

    Also, as far as going off your heart's path, I think that for women its the same way. Have you ever dated a woman and all of a sudden its like she's completely different than the woman you met? Usually, its because someone or something has gotten inside of her head and she can't get it out. That's kind of the same thing as downloading cheats or listening to pick up artists... usually for us woman it comes in the form of our friends, the girls who usually have a few women in our arsenal bags that have been scorned, cheated or down and dirty played. Trust me, that can cloud your judgment. That betrayal is not only from the friend but also, to your own self because your heart gets caught up in the crossfire and mean tricks of head games.

    Also, for girls you should never chase a guy either, because like you put its a really long way back.I guess this is my point, neither sex should chase the other why? because when you find it its a balance of give and take and you find yourself both putting in equal amounts of effort.. that's when you know that youve got something good.

    The last thing you talk about is learning the so called art of pick up will never fill the man inside... well it will never fulfill the woman inside either why do you think that there are so many girls who seem to be the prettiest, got it all girls who are the most lonely and desperate? Just remember anytime you stray from the truth of yourself you start to live a lie, and once you down that everything & I mean everything begins to go downhill from there because everything feels off.

    • '' women in our arsenal bags '' woh. pause. if I see an arsenal bag she's fking history. believe that. I'm not playing. I'm a yid to the tip. arsenal gtfoh man.

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What Girls Said 3

  • i have no idea what you just said but the one thing I know to be true in my life is to always staty true to myself and I'll find someone who likes me for me...and not the words I say at the right time.

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What Guys Said 5

  • true...the secret to girls is you have to treat them the same way you see them...if they annoy you, treat them like you would a guy that annoys short, stop seeing them as the target and more as a guy with a vagina lol

  • And what of the fate of the man whose path does not allow him good grace or communication?

    • Ha ha he downloads mystery method and hopes for the best

      the point is not that I have a beef with pick up artists. the point is a lot of pick up artists have an inherent beef with themselves. to be fair I think a lot of those main guys moved past the stereotype a long time ago. its dance moves for disabled people without the first step of being together as a person and having value and self respect. its no good being a gambler if you got no money to play.

    • Hmm. Well, that augurs poorly for me, at any rate.

  • so true

  • Totally agree man! "Learning pick-up", you don't "learn pick-ups", it's a sacred art lol, and it needs to be taught by one bro to another, and not through the internet.

  • Why do I picture you sitting in a chair wearing a collared polo with suspenders and boat shoes? Tobacco pipe in your hand, beckoning for your butler Charles... "Charles, Charles my good man.. fetch me some tea.. I am the smartest man alive"

    • Flame suit on LOL

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    • 49 minutes lol. you act like I spent that time thinking of you. ha ha ha. what kind of life do you have man. even a random just handed your arse to you.

    • Oh boy, ya got me!

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