When a guy is nice, flirts but sometimes doesn't respond to messages. What does that mean?

I had been texting this guys I know for a while.. Ended up hanging out for a few hrs.. We hadn't spoke since a few years back.. One day hell respond to my messages one day he don't.. He was in the army so I asked if he had abs.. I like when a guy is in shape so I told him I wanted to see then and he said next time we see each other.. When we hung out he kept making eye contact with me and asked for a huh before he left in which he held me for just about a min.. But he doesn't respond to my messages sometimes.. What does this mean? Someone help I need advice =]

He is sweet when we do talk so du you guys think he likes me just doesn't wanna make it advious.


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  • It doesn't mean anything. It just mean that he likes you, and he must be just busy.


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