Why do girls date younger guys?

I'm in 11th grade y do girls date kids in like 10th or 9th


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  • because younger guys think that dating an older girl is amazing so when they get the chance they will treat there girl like a princess. guys the same age are okay with their girls but its nothing special for them... like out of my 3 serious relationships the guy that showed me he cared and everything the most, was the guy who was in grade 9 (when I was in 10). now I'm in 11 and the guys my age treat me pree much like sh*t .. ahah


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  • i don't. I never have and never will. I like older guys


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  • The same reason you use a "y" instead of the word "why". Wait, no, that's stupidity. Girls are a mystery, dude, don't bother trying to figure them out.

    • Same we think for you guys even though probably you think "How is that possible"...at least most of the guys think that :)

    • If we don't understand you, I suppose it would make sense for you guys not to understand us. Though that's a bit of circular logic.

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