Is this guy just playing mind games?

Last year I became online friends with this guy and then we added each other to messenger. We have been chatting, he use to be seen online but now his status is invisible. He seems like a nice person but at times I wonder about him. I asked him why is he seen as invisible and he told me to hide from someone bothering him, so I took that as the answer.

I really like chatting with him as a friend only for friendship and I would not want anything to come between us to make us breakup as friends. He told me that we would always be friends and that he would not want anything to come between us.

He tells me that he goes to work at 9:00 and works until the next morning until 8am. His time is one hour ahead of mines. Lately I have noticed that when we chat, I think we chat until it's almost 9 or after, then he tells me he has to go. So I am wondering does he really go to work or maybe he wants to be somewhere else?

Tonight I got on messenger and all of a sudden he popped up. I also went to tagged and it showed where he was online too. I just sometimes go to his profile and I noticed him and a girl was like leaving messages to each other. He was saying maybe we could get to together, go to the movies friday or something. She was telling him about calling.

He had requested me to be his friend on tagged and also in a message he had ask me about calling him. He said he would be glad if I said yes. He seems like a nice guy but I just don't know. I saw how the girl and him was messaging each other and the guy talking about hanging out. He has a lot of girls on his profile, I need a sigh of relief, I just do not want to get hurt. Since we have been chatting, I feel special and I feel as if I am one of his friends. He told me I was his best friend online. Everything I have said, I am wondering could he just be playing mind games with me?


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  • sounds like he's being honest. so what if he has lots of girls messaging him; it's not like you two are together. maybe those girls are just friends. the fact that he hangs out with another girl doesn't make you any less special. he might like you and wants to get to know you better. seems you are a bit jealous and blowing things way out of proportion.