How is senior dating sophomore viewed compared to senior dating freshmen?

I know senior and freshmen is generally looked down upon, but how is senior/sophomore viewed compared to that. At my school it's common, but what is the general view on it?


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  • When I was in high school it was kinda weird to see a senior dating a freshman. It's like an 17-18 year old dating a 14-15 year old. Dating a sophomore as a senior was more acceptable but still weird

    • How was it weird? Was it weird to you or in general? I mean, it's an 18 year old dating 16 year old?

    • It's weird because it's a legal adult and a child. Me and my friends all thought it was weird. 18 and 16 year old isn't really bad though

  • I think senior sophomore is ok. Senior freshman is too big

  • Not aaas looked down upon, but some people think it is still too much of a gap, at least at my school.

    • In my school it's common. Is it accepted by most at your school though?

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