Are people realistic when it comes to where they stand in the dating world?

We are humans after all and we get emoitional, defensive and sometimes refuse to believe that we simply are not good enough, i think i kinda understand where i stand in the dating a world after over two years of going out with girls and interacting with them.

ex girlfriend, girl i went out with befoe, pretty much all of my classmates and girls i went out with plus some whom I don't know but been told about, all aagree that iam very good looking and attractive , that i have a nice style and a decent guy, and girls always stare at me and check me out, ... i give myself a 7 or 6.5, plus iam poor and i have no car or flat and not ripped or muscular (average build, 6'2) and i dont have girls approaching me all the time (Maybe once a month and they are never hot) , plus if i were really that attractive and decent girls wouldn't play games and string me along they would try to date me instead...

enough about me, what about you? where do you stand? are you realistic or you overestimate yourself?


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  • I don't think people are realistic when it comes to the dating world.

  • Not very


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