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So I've been trying to find a girl but no luck. I have asked girls if they wan't to date and they either say they have a boyfriend or they are not interested. Not gonna lie but being single while all of my friends can get a girl in just a week or a month is annoying not trying to be mean to them but man is not fun lol. So I like any race of girls really but the ones that really attract me are white Asian African American and Hispanic. But yeah I don't think I'll have luck if I don't then so be it.


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  • Have you tried online dating apps?

    • Yes I have and one girl I was talking to blocked me because I asked them if they like games and was laughing in the comments because I have a sense of humor. Was just lauging at my own joke then one second later.. Block!

What Guys Said 2

  • Man I could write so much about this but basicly you gotta flirt first don't ask for a date straight away... Be a little cute, eye contact, maybe a few compliments but Not to many!! And then you gotta see how she replys to it... But you have to see the difference between kindness and she's attracted to you but we'll that's the first step and that shit goes on but you kinda need to figure that out for it self or ask ur friends
    Anyways good luck!:)

    • I have tried a compliment, I have tried being nice I've trive making jokes but usually that won't get me nowhere because 3-5 days into it her: sorry I have a boyfriend or sorry I'm not interested. Trust me I've tried my friend even tried hooking me up with one but she did not like me in the end :\

    • Yea I had the same problem... Ur the friendzone guy... Well I can tell you how I do it but that's not everyone's thing because I'm pretty much a loner so I just don't say much play cool if I sit in a bar for example and look over to the

    • girl I'm interested in every now and then but don't stare at her just I little cheeky view lol if she looks back u might add a smile and if she smiles back you know she's basicly interested ( but I'd train the view in the mirror or STH until you think to your self I wanna fuck this guy haha man it's hard to describe u maybe have just to try it out a few times haha) and then you wait a bit and go over to her and start talking and the rest is history... Maybe read some shit in the internet as well how u can make Ur apperiance better like more markable if that's a word lol... But we'll the best way to learn it is on parties... And no worries if you still can't do it I had my first time with 18 and I payed for it:D but now I'm pretty good at it... Have a good one m8 hope I could give u a little bit of an idea:)

  • This might be stupid, but it's an opinion. Don't look for her, wait for her. (I'm still waiting, too)


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