I don't t know how to feel about this. Should I still make an effort?

So there was this girl I'm talking to which is now two girls. I've been on a couple of dates with girl #1. After our last date she's gotten to be distant, so I decided not to waste any time with her, and found girl #2. Girl #1 has started texting me once every other day or so. The past two days she's texted me twice a day. My feelings aren't building any like this in fact I don't even care to try anymore. I did like her until I felt she's not interested, so I respond to her when she texts me. Now with girl #2 it's basically the same ordeal. I met her on tinder earlier this week, and she had apologized for being slow to respond after we exchanged a few messages, so I told her if it's easier she could just text me and proceeded to give her my number. She texted me, and things got worse. Now she will respond to my messages 2 days after sending it.

How should I take this? I don't think they are interested in me, but for some reason they seem to want to keep in contact. Would you do this with a guy you wanted to be with or are interested in?


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  • Looks like your a option with the little info you have given.
    Number 1 seams to try to get you on the hook again when you stopped to take first contact.
    It can also be that you indirectly show her you are on the way of turning her down, many have a ego thing that makes them hunt after because they can't take anyone turning them down or loose interest.
    Number 2 your an option, maybe using you as text backup, entertainment, come with the right text. she seams to be one of those that are users, only give to get if she gives at all.


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