Is it weird to find out through a mutual friend if a girl is in a relationship or not?

So I really want to ask this girl out, but (at least at work) she's often with this guy. It's not an immediate indicator that she's dating him because my job is like 95% male, 5% female, so it wouldn't be odd for a girl to have a guy as her best work friend.

I'm trying to find an opportunity to ask her out when she's not hanging out with a bunch of people, but it's hard, especially since he's always there.

I'm going to ask her out, like, that's a thing, I'm tired of making excuses all the time, I just want to know if I could figure out if there's a definitive "no" before asking her.


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  • in my opinion it isn't weird to ask a mutual friend.
    it prevents a possible painful situation for both of you


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