I really messed up with this girl. Is there any way to fix my mistakes and get her attention again?

Im a senior in hs. This girl is a sophmore. She used to like me a lot last year but i never caught on and I was interested in someone else so i never realized.

Over the summer i realized i missed her and i actually have feelings for her, so when school started again i started talking to her a lot more.

We were talking a lot and everyrhing was going great. I had it in the bag for a couple weeks, but I waited too long and she started to lose interest.

I panicked when i saw this so i texted her and told her how much i like her and asked her out. She said she likes me and im awesome but now isn't a good time. I said i understood and all but maybe we could go out in a couple weeks, to which she said yes.

So i waited a month or two and kept talking to her. She starred to go hot and cold on me. One week she really liked me, the other week she acted less interested.

I asked her to he movies recently.
She told me im awesome but she's busy and ahe has feelings for somebody else.

I know the guy she likes. I don't know how things are between them. They talk in school and he's friends with her older sister (hes a senior too).
After she told me she likes someone else I said i wish it could have worked out & i really regret not talking to her more last year.

She didn't respond to that, then she texted me Happy New Year with little hearts and all at 2am the other night.

Weve had school again for two days and i saw her talking to him once or twice.
I haven't talked to her but I noticed her looking at me a couple times, watching my stories, liking my posts

I realize i screwed up, and I don't know how to proceed. Im moving on to two or three other girls (one is actually a really good friends or hers so maybe she could help me there) but I still hold out some hope that things with this other guy dont work out.

So, while i go after other girls, whats the best plan for her. Do i stay friends, cut contact, start talking to her friend i like?
Where did i go wrong with her and whats the best move now?


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  • It doesn’t sound like you’ll be dating her, at least not soon, so if you are okay with just being friends with her that’s fine, but otherwise I wouldn’t waste too much time

    • Yeah. I kind of figured that.
      I am okay with just being friends and id like to start talking to this other girl whonis a really good friend of hers.
      Would it be good to ask her about this new crush then, see if she's dating / interested in anyone. I dont want to come off as deaperate but i want her to also know I've moved on and im fine being friends.

    • Anything is okay to ask in moderation if you know how to ask it correctly, you’re just curious and you have to ask her with that in mind, because if you’re planning on being close friends or just friends it’s good to know a lot about what’s going on in their lives, that’s how it works with me and my best friend, however in my case my best friend is lesbian

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