Is it selfish of me to stay with him?

I don't know if I should let him go or keep holding on. I know that when we are on bad term, I miss him and I want him to be a part of my life but when everything's going great, I tend to pull away. He senses that I get distant and confronts me about not being affectionate and acting disinterested.
Our arguments are extremely heated and every time we fight, I'm scared that I'm going to lose him. The last thing I want to do is drag someone through my own mix of emotions. It's just i don't know if I can give him what he wants, he's a very affectionate and cheesy guy and I'm the opposite. I don't enjoy PDA and cheesy comments make me uneasy. He's a great guy but he's always asking for reassurance on my part that I'm still interested and that makes me less attracted to him. He's an amazing guy and when we don't talk I feel myself missing him but when everything is great I don't feel like I'm completely into being in the relationship. Is it selfish of me to stay with him?
Is it selfish of me to stay with him?
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