Girls, Does she like me. Why does she do those things?

there's a girl who caught my eye and i would always look at her , but she wouldn't look back she would just be shy and or look to the floor when passing. So I avoiding looking at her.

Then Sometimes I would sit in a table next to hers to work and she would always listen in , look at me etc. Like if I look for a book and reading at a shelf somehow we would always meet each other's gaze.

So I didn't approach and I only see her once a week, I seen her week after and again she kept staring from a distance in halls before class, especially when girls walk up to me start talking.

I seen her in library again and she over heard me talking about a girl who been off sick and I kept saying how I hoped she was ok. I seen her whispering to herself and acting like she didn't hear.

I was trying to work to finish essay and she left and she kept facing me when putting coat on. But yen I left early after finishing essay. I don't know if they are signs.. But week after I seen her and she had more make up on and I was going to approach but she seems busy. She was eating a printer and I was on laptop.. She was facing opposite way and tried to sneak a glances but when she saw I noticed she looked away really fast.

I thought she left and a girl in my class asked me to help her switch computer on in library , and she walked in and saw me talking to her looked right at me and left she looked quite awkward and ain't sad or shocked i don't know. But I walked back to get my stuff and could see out the window her walking out whispering to herself staring at her phone kind of annoyed. . why would girl do that


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