Is always being single seen as a bad thing?

i've gotten to that point where i actually feel embarrassed about the fact that i'm still a virgin and have never been in a relationship. The thing is, people usually think im younger than i am, and it seems like i keep attracting younger guys. im 25 and i hardly ever meet guys my age which is probably why.

All my friends are out there dating and getting into relationships and im single. I can see that they feel bad for me but i dont want their pitty. I've met plenty of guys that i've been interested in but in the end they end up being players so in a way, im glad nothing ever happened. That, or if i ever like a guy, they end up liking someone else and i hardly ever like the guys who like me.

Maybe i'm being to picky. I've thought about of giving those guys a chance, but the thing is that they dont ask me out. they act like they're interested and they flirt a lot, excessively, some to the point that i feel smothered and bit annoyed but they dont ask me out. Also, im not sure what to do when people flirt. i dont think being nice is enough to convey interest.

I thought it was my looks that was the problem. but everyone always tells me that im so cute and smart. I've had random strangers tell me that i am very pretty. So i don't think its that. Maybe its my personality. I know i am very closed off and reserved. Im a bit shy but im generally a quiet person. I do get underestimated a lot because of it at work and school but i've been told by some people that i intimidate people. im not sure why, if im really nice and try to talk to everyone.

At this age, is this kind of thing a turn off? I feel like this mentality is also making me push guys away.
Is always being single seen as a bad thing?
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