Guys, Do you think he was ever into me?

So there was this one guy i use too work with, very shy quiet guy, he never really spoke if not spoken to. And i developed this big crush on him the first day i saw him.
Since im also very shy i could never talk to him, everytime i had to ask him something about work i got so nervous i barley got the words out.
And honestly i couldn’t take my eyes off him, i always stared at him, like all the time.
I use to walk past him a lot pretending i was going somewhere and maybe he felt like i was following him around.. i don’t know.

anyways, he started to stare at me too and stare even when i wasn’t looking at him and then turn away very fast when i noticed, he always locked eyes with me but no smiling.
he now knows that i like him cause my friend told him, he said ”i have a girlfriend and i don’t want to cheat” and since he found out that i like him he started to act a lot different twoards me, he started to smiled and say ”hey” ”bye” stuff like that.

This guy is honestly impossible for me to read, i actually added him on facebook and even wrote him a message but still no response.
i actually saw him like a week ago when i was waiting for the bus (we haven’t seen eachother for a month) and he stared at me the whole time until the bus came...
i mean why? Please please help me figure this out?
Guys, Do you think he was ever into me?
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