What should I do? Block him?

So I was talking to two guys that I have met on a same day, I automatically connected to guy#1 after days of non stop talking, and I have planned to go on a date with guy#2 but he was in new work and he just got back. With guy#1, we have connected on a much deeper level and we both know what exactly we wanted, and I don’t want to continue to talk to guy#2 cause I don’t want to lead him on which I feel very horrible about, and I wasn’t replying to him right away neither when he was trying to talk to me, and he is still asking about our date.. I just told him I can’t but didn’t give a specific reason why.. guys do this to me all the time but I feel like shit for ghosting, when I know he was really looking forward into out date. What should I do? 😂
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Well I took the honesty option... and comes to find out he was actually ok with my decision, I told him I kept my word to a military man and what I thought of him and he said he didn’t think there was decent woman out there and I’m a much better person than his ex fiancé 😩 and he wished to be friends with a lot of respect.. I thought I share this 😇 and I feel better now lol
What should I do? Block him?
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