Is my love deeper then others? Is it "True Love"?

Our relationship is brutally honest! We built it this way, she comes to me one day and says "I am sexually attracted to someone at work", my mind races, my jealousy kicks in, I look into her gorgeous eyes and see guilt. I realize... She doesn't want to feel this way. She tells me, "what's wrong with me!". I tell her nothing, you are perfect! It's ok, try to get it under control if you can. The next day she returns and says the feelings are stronger. My mind starts spinning, but I maintain control! I explain to her how these urges work on a scientific level, and in most cases a man who tells her no would cause the woman to want him even more! I reduse to let my jealousy cloud my judgement! I told her, if you feel that you need to experience this, I will be here when you get back! She feels very guilty butbtge urge is atronomical at this point! The next day she goes to work with the support from me to do as she pleases. I sit in the bathroom head racing, fighting the images in my head! (She has no idea I am struggling), If she knew I was hurting so bad, she would never have followed what she wanted. And her happiness comes before my feelings. So there I am, in pain! She texts me right before work is over and says "I'm gonna be late baby :) :) :)", my heart is about to pound out of my chest!! But reply "Ok baby, have fun, and be safe!! I love you", I receive no text back. My head is feint snd time seemed to stand still. I look at the clock and it's 10 minutes after she got off... 45 minutes later I am dying to text or call her but don't want to interrupt her experience. 1 hour later she texts me saying, "let's talk I'm on my way home", she comes home, am and I pull myself together and put on my best fake, un jealous smile I got, she looked guilty, and she starts crying. I comfort her and tell her everything will be ok! She says "I didn't go through with it I quit my job" I held her tighter, weight lifted and said, "I could never be more proud of you" Is this true love?
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Is my love deeper then others? Is it "True Love"?
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