What if I never love again?

I've had a horrible experience with relationships and love, I have only been with one guy and he was my first everything, things ended pretty badly in a very cruel messed up manner.
It's been a long time since it happened so the problem isn't time.
The problem is that I can't seem to have feelings anymore towards anyone, I've never liked a guy or been interested in one for a long time, I'm pretty attractive and I do get asked out a lot, I just can't seem to make myself care about these guys or like them.
No matter how much time I spend with them I feel nothing.
I want to fall in love someday and be happy with someone, but I can't seem to think it will happen. No matter how hard I try.
I just feel so alone all the time and I'm afraid it will go on forever.
What if I never fall in love?
What if I never love again??
What if I never love again?
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