Good idea to give up on dating?

I just deleted my POF account after only being on there for 8 days. From what I saw while I was on there, it was either single moms, girls much older than me who were unattractive, or attractive girls who would not respond. I sent probably about 100 total messages and got 6 responses. Each message was well thought out based upon their pictures and profile (interests, and cool things I noticed in their pictures), not just a "Hi" or "You're pretty." These responses led to lackluster conversations because they put no effort into it whatsoever. I couldn't take it anymore. Same sort of thing happened on OkCupid. Even when I'd match with a good looking girl on the "Meet Me" feature and message her, she wouldn't respond. I have a good profile with good pictures of me, I'm about to turn 23 and am going into the pharmaceutical industry with a Master's in Biomedical Engineering in May.

Tbh I'm starting to become bitter when it comes to dating. IRL I've met a few girls but after a few months of dating them, they ghosted me for no reason and I've never heard from them again. I have been left at a restaurant by myself for an hour before I figured she wasn't coming, and I was left by myself without any plans because another girl told me she couldn't come to my apartment for some reason and then never talked to me again. Women are so god damn flaky, it just doesn't seem worth it to me anymore. You know, I want to find someone who can prove me wrong but I'm not sure that person even exists. And I'm not sure the journey is worth it either. So much time wasted. I don't know guys, call me crazy but MGTOW sounds pretty good right about now. I've watched some of the videos, and not caring about women seems like it would make you end up living a happier life. I've really tried hard and have yet to find a single person who is genuine. They can't even break up with you, they have to ghost. Seems like a terrible investment. Makes me sad but sometimes you just have to do what's right for you
Good idea to give up on dating?
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