Is anyone else getting tired of dating?

I'm a 27 year old college graduate working a good job as of last year and I got into the dating scene about the same time I started my job. I've been on about 25 dates using pof and cmb dating apps and I can't say I've had any bad dates really. Every girl paid for herself and didn't fuss about it, every girl was more or less polite and I didn't have any catfishing going on

But I'm just getting sick of the process... meet up with girl... talk about boring stuff for 30 minutes but try to make the best of it... then text after and try to decide whether she's interested... I mean it's so repetitive and it almost feels like a job. I almost just want to go back to tinder and hook up with people because it's so much more efficient and there's some thrill there

Does anyone else feel this way? Also ladies feel free to chime in about your dates with dudes
Is anyone else getting tired of dating?
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