Does he wanted more or just being friends?

Hi, I have a guy who is confusing me at the moment.

I met this guy about more than a month ago in a bar, where we started to talk and ended the night by swapping our phone numbers. Since that time, we went out together quite often. I could say almost everyday, whether just the two of us or with his group of friends.

He always stares at my eyes deeply and smiling, and I always smile back and pushing his face away and asked him, “What?” because I feel weird having someone staring at my eyes that long and very often. He never responded on that, and just keep smiling or sometimes keep staring at me with a smile. Well, usually other people did that in shorter time and then kissed me. But he never kissed me.

However, there were few times in between conversations he said that he likes me and when I did something, he then said that he likes me more, and that I was the coolest person he knows. He holds my hand most of the time when we walked, even when we were with his friends.

What confuses me is that he never kissed me at all until now that we’ve been going out for more than a month. Honestly, this is a bit unusual to me that most guys I met and ended up dating would kissed me on our 2nd day out so I know that we’re more than just friends. And now I still not sure what this guy is up to?

I wasn’t interested with this guy at the beginning, but now after a while I do started to have interest towards him. But I’m not sure what he really sees in me or wanted from me. Are we just friends or he wanted more? Because I do want something more but I’m too proud to ask or show him the first move. Moreover, if he just wanted to be friends, I’m afraid if I did a move it would destroy our friendship.

What is the best I should do? Should I just keep being cool, wait, and see or should I do the first move ask him what he really looking for with me?

Thanks in advance. :)
Does he wanted more or just being friends?
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