Did I mess up my chance with this guy?

Sigh. So this guy and I've been following each other on social media for about six years. Never met him in person or anything. I remember in 2012, he mentioned how I seem like a nice person or whatever. That was that. Fast forward to 17-18, he followed me on Instagram. We started talking a bit more (mainly jokes) as he usually respond sometimes to my stories.
SO yesterday, I posted a 80s pic of my mom & he asked whether we were twins. After joking, he was like, "hmm to start an investment or not?" I ignored the statement and proceeded to make a joke, which I believe he thought I was dismissing him. I was like, "please sit down" usually it means like stop that nonsense in my culture. He then was like, "Lmao well damn. Blocked shot oh well." I didn't even know what that meant, but I told him I didn't mean it like that. He was then like, "if you say so" so I told then told him I was confused about the investment part. I told him I kinda understood, and wondered if he meant like a relationship or something. He said, "if I made an investment, then what?" And when I told him to explain, he said he was tired of explaining. (I sometimes tend to ask obvious questions, but I apologized for being annoying). Now he's not telling me what this investment thing means, (he keeps saying oh well) and I'm just like omg. I kinda regret what I said. I kinda like him, tbh. We live in the same area and have a similar interests. Our humor is kinda the same too.
Did I mess up my chance with this guy?
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