Why is my boyfriend so confusing?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year now, He's very depressed. At the beginning of our relationship he told me he loved me, and that he planned a future with me. Then he started slowly pushes me away and ignoring me which caused a problem later on. Fast forward he told me he didn't want something life long since he doesn't plan on being alive..., but we still continue to date. Fast forward again on new years eve it was a really rough patch and i almost broke up with him, He tells me that he really did plan a future with me and that he does love me but its hard for him to say that since he's depressed and doesn't plan on being alive for that long and that i'm the best girlfriend he's ever had and that he doesn't want to lose me... and how I help him get through day to day and knowing he's with me everything will be okay, he also cried so much, and now we just had a fight last night in resulting him saying that he doesn't want something life long like how I do and that he just said all that stuff so we would be okay from the fight we had on new years? I don't even understand? I just feel like he hides his emotions and feelings for me since he's so depressed but when he almost loses me he confesses? What are your guys opinions? I can't just leave him because he really has no one and I want to help him get through this rough patch in his life.
Why is my boyfriend so confusing?
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