First date? help please

I'm a shy person, I'm thinking of asking this girl who I like, and who likes me out this weekend. (will be my first date and I don't know much about it) I have a few questions.

1. When should I ask her, can I ask over facebook? or would in person be better? be specific please:)

2. Should I hold her hand on the first date?

3. When should I kiss her?

Also, this is will be my first date and I'm kind of clueless... so all tips/advice would be highly appreciated :)


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  • To answer your first question, ask her out in person. Catch her at school or something when she's alone and ask her out! =) Second question, you should try examining her body language. If the date seems to be going really well, handholding may be on the end of the horizon. If it still seems a bit awkward, I suggest you wait on that until the second date. Last question, the kiss normally occurs at the end of the date, but it depends on what kind of girl she is. If she is a shy and quiet girl, odds are she hasn't had her first kiss and won't be comfortable to have you kiss her at the end of the first date. If you suspect she has not (which can be evident if she seems closed off and uncomfortable with close contact), I suggest you wait on the kiss until she is ready. A kiss on the cheek would do here. If she has had her first kiss, then if the evening is going well and it seems that you both are really into each other, kiss her at the end of the date.


    1. don't make the date too long - you want to keep her wanting more.

    2. plan the evening - where you're going to get dinner and what you will be doing. walking aimlessly is not something fun to do

    3. don't go see a movie, you can't talk that way. go bowling or minigolfing or ice skating

    I hope all goes well! good luck!


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  • in person is the best... but if you're too shy invite calling her in the phone... not with a text..

    depends the mood... if you see is safe and she wants go for it ;)

    make it not long... try to have a nice talk with interesting things and that both like...

    if it's too long can become boring..

    good luck ;)

  • 1. It's better to ask in person

    2. I think it would be a little awkard to but if you can squeeze it in there, go for it.

    3. The 3rd date. Just because it seems right.

    Good luck ;)


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  • 1. In person. ALL important business should be handled in person, face-to-face.

    2. Maybe. Check her mood. If it feel right, do it. You'll have to develop an instinct for these things, by trial and error--mostly error.

    3. Not when--whether. Again, check her mood. If in doubt, go for a hug. If in serious doubt, go for a handshake. In early dates, better to attempt little and succeed, than to attempt much and fail.

    Your ONLY goal, is to have a good time with her--that's what gets you the second date.