Did I do the right thing? Men Please help?

I was dating Shane for 9 Months. We broke up 2 months in and reunited again...Things were great and we started to communicate better and see each other everyday. Perfect! Well One Wednesday he texted me and said "babe we're still gonna watch the movie tonight right?" I Replied "of course honey see you at 9pm at your house" I drove to his house and he wasn't there. I texted him and he said he was @ the gym. I replied "Wow you forgot our plans? A courtesy text would have been nice. My world doesn't revolve around you." All he texted was "oh sh*t my bad...are you busy I can pick you up later?" I replied by saying "I'm upset that you couldn't consider even telling me that you were heading out. I don't care that your at the gym but at least let me know so I don't wait around like an idiot.” He never answered me back. 3 days went by and he never texted or called. In those 3 days I called and texted him but there was no response. Finally the following Monday I texted him asking what was going on and if we were over. his answer was “I'm surprised you have called it off yet” I asked him if that’s what he wanted. He replied that he cared but not as much as he should and he couldn’t allow himself to care more about me because he couldn’t set himself up for failure.” I broke up with him via text since he refused to call me or meet me in person…did I do something wrong? And did I do the right thing by breaking up with him?


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  • You are both children. Please drink some anti-freeze.


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