Would you forgive an ex who cheated on you?

We broke up in 2015. He destroyed me mentally. Haven’t really had much contact since. He was a terrible boyfriend, constant lying & cheating, but was my first love. He’s recently been in contact & supposedly deeply regrets his actions. I stated that I’m okay with him not being in my life but he said he wants to be in mine. He was even willing to fly out (to another country) just to come and see me so we can talk face to face. I declined this offer.

Took me me a while to get over but I’m okay with what happened now. However, I’m unsure of how I’ll feel if I see him again. He’s trying his hardest to convince me that he messed up... but I’m not sure if I can ever trust him again.
A part of me still wants him but the smart side of me is saying I shouldn’t.

what would you do?
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Would you forgive an ex who cheated on you?
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