Friendly guy at work?

So this guy at work has told me he likes me but I don't want to fall for him so fast or get too attached easily. I like him but I don't want to get into a relationship so fast because my past relationship was a mess and I haven't recovered from it so I just need time. He said to me opportunities don't wait, take them when you have the time. I told him I can't get in a relationship and I need time. He went onto asking how long I need, I told him I don't know. I did tell him to look elsewhere like there are better girls than me. Now he said he doesn't want to have his eyes on anything else. My issue is that he's just this over friendly type of guy. He is always speaking to different girls. Yesterday, he told me to come to him after I went to the admin and I went back to find him, behind the shelves talking to another girl. I did go up to him and tell him about this other customer who come back and that's it. I left from there. My question is: is he worth my time like is it okay for a guy to be casually speaking to every girl?
Friendly guy at work?
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