How to know if he likes me?

Alright, there is this guy I like a lot, and one day I told him.(I'll name him J.) He says he's really glad that finally a girl liked him. I sit with J and his friend, (I sat with him before I even liked him) everyday, and we joke all the time. Ever since I told J, he's always... Well, I don't know how to put it... moving a lot. I can tell he gets nervous when we are alone for a few minutes, because he talks way too fast. And just the other day, he poked me on the side, trying to make me squeal, like all the other girls. (ha ha, doesn't work for me. sucker... hehe)

I know I sound all idiotic and all, but I want to know how to know if guys like you. I don't have much experience socializing with people. I usually don't hang out with big groups. Not much of a talker, and am always quiet.

Please help me!

(Ignore this question! Problem resolved!)


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  • i'm starting to wonder if people don't use google anymore before coming here... some of these questions are classic google questions.

    Anyway. Aside from google. Try actually asking the guy what he thinks of you. I know it's a totally far-out thing to do.. but trust me, it will give you the answers you need.

    • Actually, I've tried Google, but its always the same answer. What you just told me was a different answer. First I'm going to have to build up some courage if I want to do that. :/ I'm always so nervous, haha.

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