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I've been dating this guy for 5-6 months now and at first everything was great. We'd go out, talk on the phone, and hang out together a lot and evenly treat each other (i.e. I buy dinner he pays for movie) to things. Recently things have started to change and he says it's not because of him. Since school is back in and we stay on different campuses we only talk about once a week and even then it's me calling him and he only wants to do things that would be free because he doesn't like others paying for him if he can't return the favor. We've talked about it and he says he's not the one that is changing but if I am the one calling, the one inviting him out, the one driving to his campus- then am I the problem? Maybe he's lost interest in me?


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  • Is he dead broke? Saving for something? How serious is he about school? What other things in his life could be affecting him?

    Sounds like he still wants you, but not as much as before or maybe he is focused on something else important like school. If you want to date a busy man you have to be ready to deal with his schedule. (If he is not working and low on cash you have to work with that too.)

    Maybe you should tell him you want to see others and see him when it is convenient for him and you financially and schedule wise. (if he has lost interest this would be a good move too) See what he says then use your judgment.


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  • He is in denial about changing. He might be having a little anxiety these days with all he has to do, and I'll bet that he wishes he could be more near you.


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  • I think right now he just needs his space. let him know that you're there for him... and you guys don't have to do anything involving money. There are plenty of things you guys can do that doesn't involve money.