What's with the long silent treatment?

Dating this girl for 10 months now. We are on our second big fight. She thought I was following her in my truck and she confronted me about it. She said to leave her alone and let her come to her own conclusion about it without me bothering her. With our first fight, I told a white lie that she caught onto. That one lasted 2 months of not really being together. She said then that she was so angry about it that she couldn't see past her anger in what I was trying to do to get her back. She cried to me after the first fight and said she regreted treating me that way. It has been a week now with no communication. There is no way in hell I'm gonna let this go on for 2 months again. I know she is not cheating on me. We have talked a lot of serious plans before all of this. So what gives ladies?


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  • If you care for her, fight for her to get her back. BUT...at the same time if she is playing little games, don't bother. Go on and find someone who won't play around. She sounds very confused to me or really likes the attention.

    • I think she is confused too, but its because I know she loves me deeply and doesn't understand why I would try to hurt her. ( even though I wasn't ) She is coming off a very bad controlling relationship of 6 years, so there is some old issues there. But I love her too and am willing to try to make it work.

    • If she has issues, it's going to take mad patience from you. she's not going to trust easily, and every little white lie from you will fuel her paranoia. get ready for a rough ride if you want to try to hang on to her.

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