Is this even possible?

I just got out of a 3 1/2 year relationship. We broke up because we couldn't see eye to eye. One of my Facebook, Myspace buds of 4 years is now my boyfriend. We have only been dating 12 days and I absolutely adore him. We have he same sense of humor, he listens, were both Gemini so we see eye to eye and we trade places leading. We haven't argued even once which is odd because we talk non stop. Is it possible that I really like him? or am I subconsciously rebounding? Last night he asked me if the L word (love) would freak me out.


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  • 31/2 years is a long time to just forget about someone in 12 days or so. you may honestly like this new guys, as it's just that 'new'. It refreshing to have a convosation without arguing..but all relationships have that as it's the hooneymoon period.

    Stick with this new guy, but don't rule out the possibility of a rebound relationships. If he tells you he loves you, and you find yourself cringing inside, even slightly, then you know it's not right for you.