How did my first date go?

I meet a local girl (32) on line and we chatted for days and she gave me her mobile number, we then exchanged texts for about two weeks, each day we asked each other a question (funny, rude or personal), this was great as we both realized we shared a lot in common. I then asked her out on a date and she agreed and we were both excited. We meet at hers and were meant to go for a few drinks in town, but we started chatting and drinking and the time flew by (6 hrs) but I must admit I done most of the talking as wine went straight to my head and I hadn't had a drink for months. She called me a taxi and we kissed both on the couch and at the door. I was a wee bit tipsy and prob had to much. The night went very well and we both laughed and shared the same views on things and life. I am a single parent dad (35) and my son is 14, the girl is single and professional and I have never dated a girl who is smarter than me, but that's not hard really, I'm a grafter but not smart. Well she text me the next day and said she enjoyed our date and I asked to see her again and she said yes. I have text her and she has text me, but I feel that I may have messed up by drinking too much on our first date. I asked her what her plans were this weekend and she is busy all weekend. I think she is just being polite and text chatting but doesn't want to commit to another date or she just doesn't want another date. She is extremely busy girl and works hard and is out with her mates this weekend. Do you think she is still interested and should I just asked her out and get yes/no answer or play it cool and just wait as she is a busy girl and has more to life than dating so to speak. Your thoughts please? And I am a confident person just not a dater...


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  • I think you should bite the bullet and ask her outright. You can giver her a couple of options for times that way it will be obvious if she simply doesn't want ot take things further. I always find its best to be outright in dating...and it sounds like she is interested in you if you guys were on a date for 6 hours and if you kissed,. she simply wouldn't do that if there was nothing there. Good luck!


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