How to know if a girl is playing you?

OK so I met this girl at my chiropractor about a month ago she got my number from my file and started texting me. Weird I know but she is cute, funny and into the same things I'm into so I was cool with it. A month goes by we've been on 3 dates and kissed. Its weird because I have never talked to someone almost everyday from meeting them. So the problem is that she works all the time and has school the hours she doesn't work. When we text it will last all day and then suddenly stop out of nowhere for the rest of the day. But she will text me the next morning with a good morning text so I didn't mind it much but its happening more and more. Which makes me think that she's either losing interest in me, playing me, or just too busy for a relationship. What do I ask?

I have a habit of scaring girls away for being too much out of the gate. I'm tryin hard to not do it again, could it be that I'm over reacting?


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  • You need to give this time. I agree that when the pace of contact slows down, it would make me feel like she is cooling off. Time will tell what is going on here but she may just not be in a place to keep this dating going steady.

    • So do I just give her space or what?

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    • Giving space to me means to put the ball in her field and then not contact her until she talks to me. So its been 4 days since we have talked, I haven't seen her at my chiropractor and she hasn't returned any of my texts. This same thing happened about two weeks ago where her phone broke and she told me when I saw her at work. So I'm guessing that's what happened. I texted her testerday to hit me up when she's done being mia and just gonna play it by ear.

    • That is a good plan. When the ball is in the other person's court, you do need to wait for contact.

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